What about clothes?

It wasnt planned yet, but still I did it. You might ask what I have done? Well, I filled the clothes section of this blog with the first 50 mesh clothes designers.

Nothing special you might say. I can surprise you. I also implemented a function that you can filter the list only to see the designers who either fit or rig mesh clothes for a certain body. So if you want to see for example who got clothes for Aesthetic in their portfolio………….voila, just click the link and you have the list only for the body you are looking for.

Wonderful, isnt it?

Really, I am happy to say that this page is beginning to shape. The body part is finished. Heads, Skins, Hair, Beards, AO, Body Parts (Ears, Eyes, Private Parts), Tattoos, Shopping Events and now finally Clothes are listed with their appropriate links. Its a endless work in progress and I still got many designers to add. But its already a very useful source for all your male needs.

Check out the Clothes part here: https://virileartsl.com/clothes

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