Updated Body Section

Added example pictures of Legacy Masculine Edition, Signature Gianni and ExMachina Evolve. Those pictures represent the bodies with individual shape, skin and head. I personally use all 3 of these bodies. Reviews are about to be added in the future.

Also the cost of each body is added. If you dont include the Legacy Standard body (which is for free) and the various Tellaq bodies (starting at L$ 400) the prices for all listed bodies range from L$ 1750 (NX-Nardcotics David) to L$ 5000 (both Legacy Masculine and Legacy Athletic Edition). Be aware that many of these brands offer their bodies for reduced prices at certain occasions which is always a good bargain and sometimes worth waiting for. I will try to keep you aware of those discounts on my facebook page, so perhaps you want to follow: https://www.facebook.com/VirileArtsSL.

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