The Battle Mage

This still one of my earlier bodies but already a lot more improved than the one from my last posting.

I can recall very well whats included:

Body: ExMachina Evolve

Head: GA.EG Alan

Skin: GA.EG Hugo

Hair by No.Match, Ears by Swallow, Eyes by Catwa, Outfit by TSC

It is like it was yesterday. The battle mage is one of my favorite characters when going for medieval fantasy settings.

Well, actually this should be also an information that I added a few new reviews for the body section. Half way done in reviewing all bodies you can purchase In-World. Of the bodies I know. Perhaps there are more I have no idea of. So if you know of a body I have not listed here, please send me a note to keep this list complete. No marketplace-only bodies please.

Anyway, I started to review the bodies I dont own. Since I am not loaded, I decided to take the demo versions and base my opinions on them. I did include for now:

Absolute Creations Adam

Altamura Dante

Altamura Full Body

Belleza Jake

Have fun and I hope I can be a little bit of help in deciding what to purchase. Take care and stay safe.

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