Note: The following picture does ONLY show the body shape and skin tone applied after opening the package. There are 25 other Classical „bodies“ for sale and they might and will look different.

Actually the No Mesh bodies shouldnt be included in the body list. I decided to do so because if you jump to Tellaq, you will notice that there is a big variety of different Classical Avatar. They are no mesh and give the Classical Avatar just a different look and shape. So, if there are people around not so fond with Mesh Bodies, well, they will find their no mesh body here. Prices range from L$400 to L$2000, so you will find whatever suits your pocket.

Thats the look of the body after applying the contents of the package. Again: this is no mesh.

For sure the head is shaped too, but since this is the body section of this webpage, only the body is shown.

Out of this reason, there wont be any review as seen on the other bodies.

Visit Tellaq and have a look at all 26 Classical Avatars.

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