(this is a review of the Demo Version, full version could be different)

Tellaq is selling a handful of different mesh avatars. For this review I have chosen to take a demo of the Tellaq Actanon. Other avatars will certainly be different than this one.


Body Appearance

This body is another approach for muscled and toned body addicts. Directly out of the daily gym into the Wrestling Arena. This demo comes also with a demo skin from the same designer than the body.

Hand and feet details are a little low and the knee part looks weird in my opinion. Unlike some other bodies thes muscles are also toned a bit in the upper part.

Other than that it is okay. Not as appealing as others on the market might be, but wearble without doubt.

The Hud

The hud is very colourful and got a variety of menus offering a good choice of options needed to adjust the body to your likings.

Its easy to use, response speed also good. Because of the colors the hud is something one dont want to have opened the whole time. Its somehow too much.

All in all a good and usable hud.

Availability of Clothing

You got to work a lot with the alpha section of the hud otherwise it will be difficult to find enough clothes to wear. If you plan to have only a few different outfits ready, that might be okay for you.

Content of Package

Just a reminder, this is the demo version so content might differ from the purchased version. Here it comes with: the body, a head demo, the hud, 2 different shapes, a alpha and 2 different skin appliers.

My Verdict

Its nothing knocking me out of my socks but I am sure it has and will find its lovers. Good thing might be that Tellaq is also selling a variety heads and skins directly designed for this body so you might find everything you need from that designer.

As usual get the demo, perhaps from all the bodies, and see for you self what can be made out of this piece.

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