Body Appearance

The Slink Physique comes in 2 different options, this one is called the Bundle and does cost L$2250, the other one you can purchase in the store is without hand and feet and is priced L$1250. Both are delivered without a head as most of the bodies are.

The Slink Physique is more a of a slim body with slightly toned muscles. There is no shape included but with careful playing in the appearance sliders it can be adjusted the way you like it. On the first look overall it doesnt look as nice and detailed as newer bodies despite all its updates.

This body has a penis included which can be made visible/unvisible by the hud. For sure it doesnt give you the options any 3rd party add-on penis will give you, but it might be a nice gimmick for those who want to have their body „complete“.

The Hud

The hud is very self explanatory, very responsive and intuitive. It doesnt offer too many options, is more lite-weighted. Some might prefer that one than those packed overwhelmingly with options.

Availability of Clothing

Clothes still can be found kind of easily as many designers had them fitted for Slink in their portfolio. Newer designs are getting rare, many popular designer are dropping the body or create lesser stuff. But if you look out for older clothes it shouldnt be a problem to get some decent stuff you like for this body and extend your wardrobe.

Content of Package

Included in this package are: the body classic (with Alpha Layers), the body redux (for BOM), the hud, some add ons for fingernails and tattoos, basic clothes and in this case also hand and feet.

My Verdict

There is not much cons despite the age and the availability of newly designed clothes. Actually for this price you cant make too much wrong considering the fact that you will find a good amount of already existing clothes around. If you want to be always up-to-date with your looks and go with the flow, then you should consider one of the more popular bodies.

As usual be advised to try on a demo.

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Physique Male Body Bundle Redux
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