(this is a review of the Demo Version, full version could be different)


Body Appearance

Dabull…..yes, it is giving his name full honor. Its a real bull with lots of muscles and shiny glossy skins to give it the Bodybuilder look it wants to achieve.

With this body you can really apply and try to win Mr.Universe in SL

There were no feet included, so I just added feet from a different body.

Besides of the muscles parts its not so detailed and well, you really gotta love this style to show off with it.

The Hud

The hud looks plain and simple. Not many options. But its the demo version, full might be different.

Here it focuses on the body shine and the nipples.

I didnt see any alpha cuts, so it might be difficult to find clothes fitting this body unless you go for BOM.

Availability of Clothing

The creator of this body is selling some clothes rigged for it. I havent seen any others. And since there is no alpha cuts you can play with, it might be a difficult task to find other clothes you can wear,

Content of Package

Keep in mind, this is a demo version. So here is included: the body, the hud, a hairbase demo and a variety of skins.

My Verdict

SL got it niche’s and perhaps this body is serving a niche. Cant say much more about it, you just have to like it in order to wear.

Try on a demo for yourself and see if it will suit you.

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