Body Appearance

The body look itself is very decent but more muscular designed especially in the upper part. Overall it looks like the regular guy visiting a gym twice a week to stay fit but not to build up a massive amount of muscles.

Details of hand and feet are nice to see. And, this can be seriously said, it got one of the sexiest butts of all bodies around.

In summary you can say, its a very beautiful and handsome body for the average man and not much cant be done wrong with it.

The Hud

The hud doesnt look too shabby but could use a design uplift.

But more importantly it has all needed options implemented, some of them you might even never use.

Its very intuitive and easy to use. Actually its just unpack, add and feeling familiar already. Well thought user design.

Availability of Clothing

There is nothing much to say here. Its one of the most popular bodies for years already and out of this reason you wont have problems finding fitted clothes and other stuff for this body. Almost all designers offer their stuff with Gianni in their mind. If you are looking for a big wardrobe for your avatar, then Gianni is among 1 or 2 other bodies the first choice.

Content of Package

Included in the package are: the body, feet, hands, a shape, neck gradient, the hud and as with any other body a few alpha masks if you are not using BOM.

My Verdict

The Signature Gianni is the allround talent of all bodies around. Its very versatile and for no other body you will find as many clothes, shapes, skins, whatever. With a Gianni the world is open for you and there is nothing to wish for. And as it looks like, it will stay like this for a long time ahead.

Can I think of a con regarding this body? No, perhaps its age but since it got regularly update you wont notice. And perhaps the amount of people using the body. If you dont want to risk looking similar to others, perhaps choose another body.

As usual, try on the demo before purchasing.

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