(This is a review of the demo version. The full version could be different from this one)


Body Appearance

The initial body shape looks a bit slimmer than his older brother Gianni with lesser shaped out muscular regions.

Again the details of the body are an eye-catcher. And the butt got a very sexy look on it. All in all same quality than Gianni

It can be said that its a handsome and appealing body one can really work with. Just from the look you cant make much wrong.

The Hud

The hud is almost the same than the one coming with Gianni. Only the alpha cuts are slightly different and it seems in the torso region they got lesser.

Its very intuitive and easy to use. Actually its just unpack, add and feeling familiar already. Well thought user design.

Availability of Clothing

Geralt doesnt offer the variety of clothing. The designers were still concentrating on Gianni, so here the body definitely losing points. You will still find enough to fit, but not in the same amount as with Gianni.

Content of Package

Included in the package are: the body, feet, hands, a shape, neck gradient, the hud and as with any other body a few alpha masks if you are not using BOM.

My Verdict

Geralt looks nice and decent and is definitely worth to purchase, but hence the clothing situation I would think about it for a while. Perhaps his brother and other contenders are more worthwhile to get especially when you want to reach out for a full packed wardrobe.

Compare both yourself by getting a demo.

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