(this is a review of the Demo Version, full version could be different)

Also pay attention, there is a Male version, a Female version, and a „Fat Pack“ featuring both.


Body Appearance

Hmmm….okay, this is a bit different than any other body I described and reviewed.

At first let me mention, this body is designed for a 3-in-1-purpose. It can be used as an adult version, as a teenage version or little boy version. I am only discussing matters here about the Male Adult version.

Details of this body are just okay, nothing special that one has to lay the eye on, but also not too shabby.

Let me come to the point: This body is more for the androgyn males out there. There is almost no definition of muscles, the chest, the butt, especially the hips have a high female tendency.

The Hud

Please keep in mind, this is a demo version and the hud might be different. In this demo version it is very simplified, got a very less amount of options but self-explanatory when you take the first view of the hud, an ease to use the first second on. I could be blind, or it might not be included in the demo version, but I havent found any alpha section to hide certain parts of the body.

Availability of Clothing

The body is still kind of new on the market so the clothes situation fitted for it is still limited. Might change in the future. As it is BOM you might find other stuff.

Content of Package

Keep in mind, this is a demo version. Full content could be different. Here it includes: the male body, 3 shapes (adult, teen, boy) demo skins and neckfix. Also some underwear.

My Verdict

This body is truly different. Not only from the initial look but also that it is very versatile in the way to build your avatar in different age stages.

Its definitely not my style. And perhaps its a niche product. I can imagine that it is usable for family RP. Fact is: you will get 3 bodies in one.

Get the demo and build your own image and picture of it.

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