Male life in SL is not that easy on the first view if it comes to build your avatar and to get the right stuff for it. The choices are limited compared to female avatars. Also its not as easy to get a male avatar done without spending much of L$. Female avatars you can get almost everything you need looking decent for very few Lindens or even for free. And you got a broader choice, this goes especially for clothing.

I am trying to make the search and decision-process a little bit easier by giving a full directory of available In-World Stores selling men’s stuff in SL. I know this will be a never-complete project cause as the real world, SL evolves, got a dynamic and steady changes.

Well, one question is always, where do I find fitted clothes for my body that suits me?

Certainly you got a few shops in your mind, also you could search on the market place or within SL. Or you visit one of the male shopping events to check what is around. But it takes a lot of time and you cant be sure if the offered clothes are really fitted for the body you own.

Here, on this blog, you can find a link directory to almost 90 different In-World Stores. And the best is, you can choose the body you own and display only the Stores which have clothes fitted for your body in their catalogue. So, this might be a help for you finding the right stuff, perhaps even getting to know to other designers than you have known before.

Up to date, you will find here:

85 stores designing for Signature Gianni

83 stores desigining for Belleza Jake

66 stores designing for Legacy

44 stores designing for Slink Physique

34 stores designing for Signature Geralt

29 stores designing for Niramyth Aesthetic

16 stores designing for ExMachina

14 stores designing for Adam

9 stores designing for David

7 stores designing for Altamura

4 stores designing for Invictus Heracles

I am always happy and grateful, if you check my blog and notice there is a designer missing, that you inform me about it so I can complete the list.

Enjoy looking for the Outfit you need.

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