Here I am taking a break and relaxing with a walk in a mystical forest. Its actually a nice day.

But thats not the reason of this posting. The reason is to keep you up-to-date about whats happening on this page.

Slowly, but steadily I am progressing in placing content. Newly added in the BODY PARTS section is a short list of designers creating different ears and/or eyes for Male Mesh bodies. Keep also in mind that most head designers are also selling individual eyes or ears, so do also have a look where you purchased your head.

Also I did write small reviews of the SLINK PHYSIQUE body (already a few days ago), of the ALTAMURA ROBERT FREE BENTO GIFT body (thats a gift body and doesnt offer the same content and functionality as the same named full price body) and finally of the TELLAQ SINCLAIR 2014 Classical Avatar (thats NOT a mesh body), one of the 26 different Classical Avatars you can purchase at Tellaq (without reviewing).

I decided to include the Classical Avatars from Tellaq out of two reasons:

  1. when you jump to Tellaq looking for a Mesh Body, you will immediately notice the wide array of Classical Avatars. So not to confuse you, and to let you know what this is about, I thought I should lose a few words about it. There is no review cause there is no way to compare it with the Mesh bodies. It doesnt make sense. If you happen not to prefer Mesh, have a look at their Classical Avatars ranging from L$400 to L$2000.
  2. when I started SL I purchased exactly the TELLAQ SINCLAIR without informing myself like a total noob, not knowing what I do, not knowing of anything in SL, of mesh. Well, after 2 days I had enough. I started to ask around, inform myself, collecting knowledge and I switched to a mesh body. That increased my personal satisfaction alot and I think without getting to know the right people at that time helping me out and advising me of how to create my avatar I wouldnt got hooked in that way by SL. For me, buying the Sinclair, was a big and costly misunderstanding, because it wasnt what I wanted. And I didnt know better that time. I was at a point almost giving up. And I got lucky that I met others, showing me the real beauty and fun about SL, not only appearance-wise, also about the many many beautifully and stunningly designed Sims, and so I did stay. Thank you.

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