I really have to admit, I didnt expected this. It is overwhelming indeed. In a positive way.

What do I mean, you might ask? I mean the amount of designers creating all kind of stuff relating to male avis.

I already had a kinda long list because I am always keen on discovering new stuff and clothes, but what I am experiencing here while working on this blog/page, it exceeds all my imaginations. And almost every day I am lead to something new again.

I love it, I love to see different designs, I love to experience the wide diversity of designs. And I am glad, with this project I am doing here, to always discover new and for me not known designers of clothes, hair, skins, and so on.

Hopefully my discoveries also point you to new places and stores you havent known before. And hopefully it makes your life easier, to find what you are looking for.

As of today this webpage got In-World links to:

24 male bodies

11 male head designers with the choice of 66 different heads

16 skin designers for male bodies

25 different designers having hairstyles for men in their portfolio

11 creators of beards and facial hear

10 places offering full Male AO’s

16 designers for eyes and/or ears

106 different stores selling clothes for male avis

29 tattoo artists

Truly, these are numbers totally unexpected for me. My horizon before starting this webpage was surely smaller and I am grateful that I could broaden it.

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