Ocean Person

The title describes what I love the most: the wide open sea. I was born and raised up at a location close to the ocean, so it became a big part of what I am now. Unfortunately now I live 2 hours drive away, but whenever I can I will go back to where I came from.

Anyway, this evening after finished adding content to this page, I decided to take a ride with my jetski. And thats where I took the picture.

Just a few facts to the picture.

Location is my land.

The wet suit I am wearing, you can find at Salt & Pepper, actually a designer mainly fitting clothes for women, but they got a handful of pieces for men, too. Once I start on the clothes section of this website, you will find that store in the listing too.

Todays hairstyle is from Dura, one of my fav hair designers. You will find a link to their In-World Store in the Male Hair Section.

Finally, the most important thing on the picture is the Jetski, model Dolphin. Its for off sim usage which is great, because that way (plus some off sim islands and stuff) you can easily expand your land and probig your fun. You can get this amazing toy and other beach related stuff at:


I do love, what this guy is creating.

Finally I would like to add what I have done with the webpage today:

Wrote reviews of Signature Geralt, Tellaq Actanon, Meshbody Athletic and Rebirth Eden. The Eden is a multifunctional 3in1 body with a different look and feel than the others. Check it out.

Stay safe and keep having fun.

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