(this is a review of the Demo Version, full version could be different)


Body Appearance

I would call this average between all bodies, not astonishing but also not bad. The appearance with the delivered shape is okay, like the average guy without exaggeration on the muscle part. The butt looks like he is clipping something inside and the whole body, feet and hands lack the details.

The Hud

The hud is easy to use, very self descriptive , got all options needed inside and is also responsive. Really good work on this one, its one of the better ones out there. Chapeau.

Availability of Clothing

Its not an overwhelming choice of clothes fitted for Adam, but there is enough out there that you can be able to stack your wardrobe. And also to find that special piece of outfit you desire for. So to say, the selection of clothes is acceptable.

Content of Package

Remember we are talking about the demo version here. Within this you will find: the body, a alpha, the hud, a shape and a neck skin blend tattoo.

My Verdict

Well, this is a average body, nothing you havent seen before, and not to compete with the higher priced ones. Its not shabby and can definitely be taken out but its also not a „burner“. But keeping in mind, the cost is a good sum less than 2k, its by all means worth a consideration.

Try the demo and see for yourself.

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