(this is a review of the Demo Version, full version could be different)


Body Appearance

Even Dwayne „The Rock“ Johnson would admire a body like this. Its the ultimate muscle toned strong body builder body. If you like this body style, then you should go for this creation.

Besides the butt, which needs lots of adjustment, this body is one of the detail richest I have ever seen. Watching the hands, feet, legs, chest, the whole body is one appealing piece of art and one can see the designers put all their efforts into this one and the result is really an eye-catcher. Regarding the detailism of the body, this is the leader of the horde. Its a shame to hide this body under a layer of clothes.

The Hud

Please keep in mind, this is a demo version and the hud might be different. In this demo version it is very simplified, has an average amount of options but self-explanatory when you take the first view of the hud, an ease to use the first second on. The alpha cuts seem to be a little less but considering the clothing situation you wont need them so much anyway.

Availability of Clothing

The Aesthetic body got a wide array of designers fitting clothes for it. Its not as much as for Gianni, Jake or Slink but there wont be any problems to fill the wardrobe with all kind of clothes your heart and style longs for.

Content of Package

Keep in mind, this is a demo version. Full content could be different. Here it includes: the body (in 2 versions) splitted into upper body, lower body, both hands, both feet, a demo version of one of the heads, the hud, a skin installer hud, underwear and a shoe platform.

My Verdict

Detail rich, lots of available stuff on the market, a well working and responsive hud. There is nothing much to say against this body. There is lots to praise, its actually a wonderful piece of art. This, if you prefer the strong muscle build of it. Well worth to consider.

Get yourself mesmerized by this body and try on the demo version.

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