My resort

Here I am at my private personal beach, enjoying the sounds of the ocean, admiring the beautiful white sands, the crystal clear waters and the small waves rolling onto the beach.

Today I updated this page with 3 new demo body reviews, which were kind of muscular I would say, at least 2 of them:

Invictus Heracles

Niramyth Aesthetic


NX-Nardcotics David

You can see the overview of all reviewed bodies here: Body Overview

Also I did add a few designers to the following sections:

Male Skins and Tattoos

Last but not least I added a list of major beard designers to the Male Hair section. I decided to put the beards into a different listing, cause those designers concentrate on facial hair. All other designers do either only hair or mainly hair.

Voila. Done for today, and on towards chilling at the beach.

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