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The photo here is one of the earlier shots of my avatar. A few years back in the late beginning of my second life. I cant recall exactly anymore but I believe I was using a Gianni body with Gianni head, Modulus hair and a skin from Stray Dog. I didnt put much effort in it that time, I wasnt so experienced with building avatars. I think it was my 3rd try after a Tellaq Classic Avatar followed by the Mesh body from Slink.

The Gianni body at that time started my interest in creating and styling my avatar because the Gianni gave me so many options with many different designers creating stuff for it and making it easy to adept the body in a way you like it.

Nowadays I use different bodies for my avatar. Gianni is still one of them. Sure now it looks different than depicted on this older photo.

Well, back to business. Again a few updates added to the site:

Thats it. At last I would like to recommend a visit at the newly started Manly Arena Event, its as usual worth a visit.

Stay safe.

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