(this is a review of the Demo Version, full version could be different)

Meta offers a cheaper Lite Version and this full body. The review is about the full body, means it has a head included.


Body Appearance

The body is not looking too bad, with the right shape it might be possible to have it close to appealing. Its not as detailed though. Anyway, for this price there is nothing negative to say about this.

A head is included, and the head too doesnt show much of flaws, it has a nice touch on it.

All in all, something one might be able to wear and look good in with some adjustments.

The Hud

The hud is easy to use, got the right amount of options, is very responsive but the alpha menu causes somehow a pain in your eyes. Cannot explain why.

Anyhow, it got lots of alpha cuts, so it might be possible to fit in clothes designed for other bodies.

Availability of Clothing

I doubt one will find a variety of clothes for this, so it means using the Hud and playing around with the Alpha

Content of Package

Just a reminder, this is the demo version so content might differ from the purchased version. Here it comes with: the full body, the hud, a shape, a skin and a underwear.

My Verdict

For the price as it is a full body, its not that shabby. Clothing will be awkward, but hey, we got Alpha cuts so if you are not planning to collect dozens of different outfits, perhaps this body is something for you.

As usual get the demo, perhaps also from the lite version, and see for you self what can be made out of this piece.

Body Name:
Pro Demo Version 3.1
Year published:
2020 (Version 3)
L$999 (Pro)
Availability of Clothes:
Hud Appearance:
Hud Options:
Hud Haptic:
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Price Performance Ratio:
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