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Body Appearance

I honestly have to admit, in my very own opinion, that body is the most appealing, handsome and balanced body on the grid.

It looks trained, fit, not too overmuscled. The shape can be easily adjusted, and its difficult to make it look odd playing with all sliders.

A must-see is all the details. Its the most detailed body. Sometimes it hits you that you cant stop marvelling the feet and hands for example.

Already from the basic look, its a body you cant resist to own.

The Hud

The hud is beautifully designed, very modern look with styled icons. On the contrary its also a design you have to get used to, in the beginning it lacks being intuitive. But it got a steep learning curve.

The biggest problem for me in the start was to find out how to switch to BOM.

Other than the starting problems with the hud, there is nothing much to argue about.

Availability of Clothing

Nowadays a majority of designers are rigging their new clothes for the Legacy body, sometimes also exclusively. I did notice also some of the designers are updating their older styles to fit Legacy. So their is a wide array of clothes and other stuff available for this body. Just the older stuff could cause problems to find fitting.

One downside, but it might be caused also by the chosen shape of my body, is that a portion of rigged clothes at times dont fit properly. For example when I stand still everything looks fine, but when I start to walk the skin shows through at parts. The same with other movements. So, either its my shape or perhaps some unclean work from the designers. Anyway, it became more a habit of me trying demo if possible before purchasing.

Content of Package

Included in the package are: the body, different shapes, a fit deformer, some basic clothes, a neck fader and a advanced material editor.

My Verdict

The pro of this body is the overall beauty and appealing detailed appearance, also the ease of shaping it and the wide collection of newly designed clothes for Legacy.

The one and only con I can think of, is the price of L$5000. At the end its just a body, no matter how nice it is, and being L$1000 more expensive than the 2nd highest is something to consider before buying.

But also here: try on the demo and stun yourself. I do love this body.

The Ultimate Meshbody
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