Body Appearance

As far as I know the Classic is based on TMP (The Mesh Project), thats how the former brand of the developer is called. I have never checked out any TMP body by myself before so I cant say much about it.

Anyways, I like to call this body the small brother of the Legacy body. It looks very nice, also trained but not too much muscled. Nicely toned I would say.

Its not as detailed as his bigger brother, but hey, its for free still and who knows how long it will be. Even this free body is from the looks more appealing than some of those where you have to pay big bucks for.

This body is a good starting point to create a decent look, you will just need to find a perfect head for it. I had no big problems adding 3rd party heads and applying a skin, its not hard to match both seemlessly.

The Hud

The hud actually has the same look and feel than the Legacy hud. So here I can say the same. Very modern look, very responsive but in the beginning you need to get used to the modern stylished icons.

Availability of Clothing

Clothes are not so easy to find without having the trouble of adjusting alphas. Stuff fitted for the Legacy body or any other popular brand, doesnt fit at all.

Since its based on TMP, there is a good chance that you still find clothing designed for that body, that will fit. But you have to look around, accept that its mainly older designs and additionally always take a demo.

Content of Package

Included in the package are: the body, different shapes, a neck fader and the hud in 2 size versions. Not as much content as with the Legacy body, but remember, this is a free product.

My Verdict

This body is totally free and fully functional. Yes, you will have problems to find the right clothes and if you are not a friend of playing with the Alpha it will cause a problem for you. But other than that its perfect and looks great. Big recommend for designing a second avi or if you dont have the pocket money right now for a full priced body.

You cant do anything wrong upon fetching this body.

The Ultimate Meshbody
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