(This is the demo version, Original could be different)

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Body Appearance

There is not so much to say differently than for the Legacy body from the same designer.

The difference mainly is that the body looks stronger, more trained, more toned. But still in a appealing and more „normal“ way.

Also here a must-see is all the details. Its one of the most detailed body. Sometimes it hits you that you cant stop marvelling the feet and hands for example.

The Hud

The hud is beautifully designed, very modern look with styled icons. On the contrary its also a design you have to get used to, in the beginning it lacks being intuitive. But it got a steep learning curve.

Just from the look of it, very well nicely thought through.

Availability of Clothing

There are designers fitting their clothes especially for the Athletic, but its not the same amount as for Legacy. Also be aware, that clothes made for Legacy might fit sometimes, but mostly not and you have to use the alpha of the hud hiding body parts. So actually here the clothes situation at the moment is overseeable.

Content of Package

This is a demo, so the content might differ. Included in this package are: the body, a starter shape, a neck fader and a advanced material editor.

My Verdict

Sharing the same opinion here than on Legacy. Its a wonderful designed, detailed and appealing body to use. The clothes situation is not that good, but it might change. The cost of the body seems a little bit high, decide by yourself if it is worth for you.

Also here: try on the demo and stun yourself. Its an eye catcher.

The Ultimate Meshbody
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