Want to change the standard shape of your body and head? Tired of playing around with the appearance sliders? No clue, how to get your desired shape done? Here you will find all kind of manly shapes to apply to your avatar.

90'OneIn-World Store
[Kumiho]In-World Store
[Rowley]In-World Store
American BullyIn-World Store
AwakenIn-World Store
Bad OwlIn-World Store
Bad@zzIn-World Store
Beaux CorpsIn-World Store
BilogIn-World Store
BW ShapesIn-World Store
Clever LanguageIn-World Store
Click Shapes StoreIn-World Store
Dazed MensIn-World Store
DNS StoreIn-World Store
Drunk DevilIn-World Store
Emporio SupremeIn-World Store
Eterny BeautyIn-World Store
Five StoneIn-World Store
Go & SeeIn-World Store
Hipster StyleIn-World Store
HowlingIn-World Store
i.EvolveIn-World Store
IrvankIn-World Store
Jael ShapesIn-World Store
Just Like ThatIn-World Store
KiodioIn-World Store
KnzoIn-World Store
Le NoirIn-World Store
Lilo's FitIn-World Store
littleaxolotleIn-World Store
M.Khalim ShapesIn-World Store
MagneticIn-World Store
Mellow ShapesIn-World Store
Metaverse Body TempleIn-World Store
Midnyte CreationsIn-World Store
MorpheusIn-World Store
MXHades StoreIn-World Store
OrganixIn-World Store
ProdigiousIn-World Store
ROV ShapesIn-World Store
SanjakIn-World Store
Sassy!In-World Store
Shakur InkIn-World Store
Shape MakerIn-World Store
Shapes From MarsIn-World Store
ShelbyfiedIn-World Store
Stormcrow StoreIn-World Store
Style KardIn-World Store
TentatioNIn-World Store
The BooveIn-World Store
Tivoli IncIn-World Store
Treystar Inc.In-World Store
U-J StoreIn-World Store
UnifiedIn-World Store
UnikoIn-World Store
UnishapeIn-World Store
VetmiaIn-World Store
VoguishIn-World Store
VolkstoneIn-World Store
WLRD StoreIn-World Store
Wrens NestIn-World Store
Zinner ShapesIn-World Store
ZOD Virtual DesignIn-World Store