Without a head your body wont be complete. And the head is the first step to make your body look different than others. A body cant go without a head and vice versa, it would look just odd. Decide carefully of the combination of body and head because its usually an expensive decision.

Please understand that the prices shown in the table are only displaying the actual prices in the stores. Any discounts at certain times or events, or also temporary free give-aways are not displayed here. If there are permanent price changes I try to keep it up-to-date.

Head DesignerCost in L$Variety of HeadsLink
Absolute Creation Adam850 - 9906 BentoIn-World Store
Akeruka2900 - 39009 BentoIn-World Store
AlantoriGift1 BentoIn-World Store
Altamura3499 - 35008 BentoIn-World Store
Catwa5000 (900 for Non-Bento)9 Bento + 3 Non-BentoIn-World Store
GA.EG3000 (1250 for Mesh)4 Bento + 1 MeshIn-World Store
LeLutka39908 BentoIn-World Store
Lightstar10008 BentoIn-World Store
Logo3499 (2499 without HUD)6 BentoIn-World Store
Signature40002 BentoIn-World Store
Vista Animations20001 BentoIn-World Store