Here you will find it all, from long to short, bold, shaved, undercut, overcut, anything to wear your head in style. Some of these stores also offer facial hairs and beards. Underneath the male hair list, you will find a list for designers mainly creating beards. So there also you will find all styles for your facial hairy or not-so-hairy beauty.

Male Hair DesignerLinkNote
Action InkubatorIn-World Storeall un-rigged, medium choice
Ade HairstylesIn-World Storeall un-rigged, small choice
Alli & Ali DesignsIn-World Storeolder, flexi, medium choice
AyashiIn-World Storejapanese style, medium choice
BoonIn-World Storeasian, rigged & unrigged, small choice
CalicoIn-World Storeolder, medium choice
CamoIn-World Storeun-rigged, dreads styles, limited choice
DuraIn-World Storevery popular, immense choice
EMO-tionsIn-World Storerigged & un-rigged, medium choice
EXILEIn-World Storeun-rigged, medium choice
HomageIn-World Storeethnic style, small choice
KuniIn-World Storeun-rigged, medium choice
LightstarIn-World Storemedieval & fantasy themed, medium choice
LimerenceIn-World Storeun-rigged, limited choice
lock & tuftIn-World Storeun-rigged, Lelutka, Catwa, Genus, medium choice
MINA HairIn-World Storeun-rigged, small choice
ModulusIn-World Storeun-rigged, Catwa, Lelutka, big choice
no.matchIn-World Storeun-rigged, unisex, big choice
Raven BellIn-World Storerigged & un-rigged, fantasy style, medium choice
SintikliaIn-World Storerigged & un-rigged, medium choice
StealthicIn-World Storeun-rigged, small choice
Tableau VivantIn-World Storeun-rigged, small choice
The MarsIn-World Storeun-rigged, small choice
TramIn-World Storenon-rigged, small choice, hidden in female
UnorthodoxIn-World Storeethnic style, un-rigged, Lelutka, limited choice
VangoIn-World Storeun-rigged, medium choice
VladdyIn-World Storeethnic, un-rigged, medium choice
VolthairIn-World Storeun-rigged, medium choice
WasabiIn-World Storerigged & un-rigged, small choice
WingsIn-World Storeun-rigged, medium choice
Z&Z HairIn-World Storeethnic style, flexi, limited choice
Beard DesignerLinkHeads supportedOthers
Action InkubatorIn-World Storeno specificOmega, BOM
AM.In-World StoreLelutkaOmega
Clever LanguageIn-World StoreLelutka, CatwaOmega, BOM
FE StyleIn-World StoreCatwa, SignatureOmega
i.meshIn-World StoreCatwa, AkerukaOmega
Jaryth's BarbershopIn-World Store------
KumihoIn-World StoreLelutkaBOM
MagnificentIn-World StoreCatwa, Lelutka, GA.EGOmega, BOM
Mister Razzor Barber ShopIn-World StoreLelutka, CatwaOmega, BOM
ProlificIn-World StoreLelutkaOmega, BOM
RebirthIn-World StoreCatwaOmega
Urbanix Hausnot In-World anymoreofflineoffline
VolkstoneIn-World StoreLelutka, CatwaOmega, BOM