This will be the basis for your appearance as a man in Second Life. You wont be the man you want to be without a decent body. Creating an avatar should start with the choice of the right body.

The prices for the bodies here are stated in L$ and are not reflecting the cost on certain discount events, i.e. black friday or whatever. They are the given prices as stated in the In-World Shops at the moment of the creation of this page. If there are permanent price changes I try to keep it up to date.

The star reviews are my personal and individual opinions. The order of the bodies doesnt reflect any ranking or preference, its just in alphabet order. Its always adviced to take a demo and see for yourself as the personal taste and preference can differ from mine.

Body NameCost in L$Personal Review OpinionPrice Performance Ratio
Alantori Rick Bento Body2503 5
Dream Brian/Milan250no demo availableno demo available
Meta Neo399-9993 4
Tellaq (26 different bodies, not Mesh)400 - 2000no Rating applicableno Rating applicable
Noya Djayden/Thunder950no demo availableno demo available
Fusion Ultima1500no demo availableno demo available
NX-Nardcotics David17504 5
Slink Physique Male Body22504 4
Tellaq (variety of Mesh bodies)2300 - 27004 3
Altamura Dante25004 3
ExMachina Evolve25005 4
Rebirth Eden27903 4
Niramyth Aesthetic27995 5
Absolute Creations Adam29504 4
Belleza Jake29995 6
Signature Gianni40005 6
Signature Geralt40005 4
Invictus Heracles40905 4
Altamura (different full bodies)48994 4
Meshbody Athletic50006 4
Meshbody Legacy50006 5
Altamura (different bodies as gift)Gift2 it's a Gift
Meshbody ClassicGift4 its a Gift
Sking Dabull24003 2