Move like a man. Here you will find all the Animation Overriders to present your Avatar with all kind of manly gestures and movements.

Animations for faces you will also find mostly at the head designers stores.

AbranimationsIn-World Store
AkeyoIn-World Store
Ana PosesIn-World Store
Animation DistrictIn-World Store
BerasIn-World Store
Body LanguageIn-World Store
Eat MeIn-World Store
Gaeline CreationsIn-World Store
Gasoil Inc.In-World Store
Gold SquareIn-World Store
Happy DispatchIn-World Store
Kuso OraculIn-World Store
OMYIn-World Store
R.BentoIn-World Store
RVN StoreIn-World Store
salt`n`pepperIn-World Store
SinchiIn-World Store
SinseIn-World Store
The Mocap ShopIn-World Store
TutyIn-World Store
Vista AnimationsIn-World Store
Voir AnimationsIn-World Store