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Noticing the big list of tattoo artists and knowing there is even much more out there to find, especially on Marketplace which I dont cover, I thought I will write a bit about this topic.

Tattoos are one of the easiest elements to add to your body. And unlike RL, one always has the chance to take it off easily or change it to another design.

Usually there are 2 main ways to apply. Either using an applier or purchasing a BOM version. Appliers are usually made for the famous bodies, like Signature, Legacy or Belleza. Other bodies, being Omega enable for example, the Omega applier can be used. If your body/head is in BOM mode, its even easier to get your skin inked by just adding the texture to your body.

By the way, BOM and body appliers can be combined if your body is BOM enabled. There is one major difference about the 2 methods though.

If you use the applier, it means it is always applied to your skin unless you detach it or hide it within the body/head hud. So even if you change to another saved outfit, the tattoo will still be there to be seen. If you use BOM, the tattoo will be gone when changing outfit unless you add the outfit to the actual appearance.

Believe me or not, I got around 200 outfits saved and categorized. And I am a person who likes to wear different clothes for different occasions and also different hairstyle, beard and tattoo. Out of that reason I love to choose BOM versions of tattoos making it possible for me to easily have other designs inked on my skin without the hussle to hide tattoo layers or unapply.

By the way: during the past days I added quite a few more designers to the list of tattoo artists, perhaps you visit and get inspired by the diversity of creativity.

Model on the pic shows a tattoo from LETIS applied to Legacy body.

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