Jerry rugged Jeans @ Men Only Event

Today, I went out looking for stuff at Men Only Event. I do love those shopping events, always giving me the chance to spot something new.

This round there is again lots of choice from different designers, for example really nice looking eyes from Lotus, add-on nipples from Vice X, tattoos from Addicted To Ink and Carol G, a beard from Prolific, a skin from Clever Language, a variety of clothes from Justice, Beorn, class:b, Gild, Cold Laundry and many many more plus topics I dont cover with my webpage like shapes and poses. As usual lots to see and surely to grab also.

Also there to find a pair of ripped jeans called „Jerry“ from A&D Clothing, so as a follow-up to my Fashion Inside series from last week, I decided to introduce that very nice stylish jeans in this blog.

They are availabe as single color, Slimpack with 8 different styles and Fatpack including 18 different styles and dozens of options.

As mentioned, 18 different colors are available. All of them ripped, looking very authentic and cool. It comes with a belt and awesome looking chains hanging on the right side. Both can be enabled/disabled via the hud.

You can get them for the following bodies: Signature Gianni & Geralt, Belleza Jake, Slink Physique, Meshbody Legacy and Exmachina Evolve.

I have the Legacy rigged version and there are no flaws at all. How it always should be, but many designers dont spend the time to do it thoroughly. A&D managed to make it perfect, with my bodies there is no clipping at all. While standing or moving, it fits perfectly all the time. Thumbs up and chapeau.

All versions come with the option to change the belt, buckle, chain and buttons colors. Also you are able via hud to choose between 6 different lenghts cuffs which is a very handy option.

So no matter which pack you buy, you will get lots of value for your money and it looks really, really cool. Those pants are worth to be placed in the favorites area of my wardrobe.

Get yourself a demo at Men Only and see for yourself. You wont be disappointed, that I can promise.

Also have a look at the Men Only website, to get an overview of everything they offer.

Backdrop Bar by AD Poses, Bento Pose Pool by Creative Stylez, blonde hair model wears Pants Jerry by A&D Clothing, Interactive Tank Top by Invictus, Chealsea Boots by Deadwool, brown hair model wears Pants Jerry by A&D Clothing, Shirt & Vest Salvatore by A&D Clothing, Cortov Sneakers by Versov

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