(this is a review of the Demo Version, full version could be different)


Body Appearance

Okay, I guess this body is created with the image of a gladiator or any other character out of ancient times in the designers mind. Or perhaps they watched Vikings when creating this.

Its beautifully designed, no question about that. I like it being detail rich. I just wonder why the same effort hasnt done to the legs. They seem out of place. The upper body is full muscle toned, the legs are missing these tones. One more thing is a very flat butt which needs lots of enhancement to make it look nice. But still it wont be an eye-catcher.

Those of you, who love muscle packed avatars, really have to take this one into closer consideration. I am sure this is one of the strongest bodies you can get.

The Hud

The hud looks plain and simple. Not overwhelmed with options, just the necessary ones. But still, since this is the demo version, in the full version the hud might offer more. Its kind of minimal. But its superfast, very responsive and intuitive. From the first moment on, you will know what to do with it.

Availability of Clothing

The choice is not that grand yet. But I see more designers jumping this train and starting to create and offer clothes fitted for Heracles. I sincerely predict that this body will find his lovers and will reach the top 5 male body list meaning also that more and more designers might take this as an opportunity to create stuff for it.

Content of Package

Keep in mind, this is a demo version. So here is nothing much inside besides the body in different skin versions and the hud.

My Verdict

Its not a body style I like or prefer. But I have to admit, its a wonderful creation, I love the details (the butt aside) and I am pretty sure many might have a different opinion than me regarding too less or in this case too much muscles. I can also imagine, its a fantastic body for roleplaying (medieval, fighting, wilderness) where it might underline your characters story. If I would go for the muscle-type, this would be my top of the list. The cost for it, though, would let me think for a while about it.

Get yourself an image of this amazing body and try on a demo.

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