GA.EG offers 4 Bento heads, all BOM included and 1 Mesh Head.

As with any other head nowadays its almost no big problem anymore to match it with one of the popular bodies on the market.

They also sell add-ons for their heads including: extra animations for the facial AO, shapes, piercings, teeth, eyes, gadgets like bubblegum chewing, skins, facial hair, hairbases and eyebrows.

The heads cost L$3000 for Bento, compared to other heads on the market a average price.

In the demo versions they are delivered with the hud, Bento Mesh Ears, a Brows Shaper, Mesh Ears, Mesh Teeth, Neckblends for various bodies, a shape, a few skins, a Omega System Relay Hud and a facelight plus various notecards.

The pictures of the head are taken from the demo versions using the including shape.

Skin: Clef de Peau

Eyes: Catmonster

Hair & Hairbase: Sintiklia

Facelight: HECBack to Overview