Fashion Inside: KRAFT Men’s Fashion

Second part of my unregular series showcasing and introducing SL Designers and their creations. I am honored and excited that this time I could set my focus on KRAFT and the owner and designer Penelope Kraft.

KRAFT Men’s Wear is one of a few labels, Penelope Kraft is working on. Her men’s department offers casual and classy outfits as well as a few tattoos. Her main focus has been on the Aesthetic meshbody from Niramyth, but you can also find designs made for Slink or Signature Gianni. Her newer designs cater also the need of Legacy body owners. Her textures of the clothes are ranging from classic minimal to very outstanding modern, street wear styles being also influenced by different cultures.

(Models wear Kraft Hoodie & Pants Japanese and Kraft Unbuttoned Shirt Blue)

The store is set in a mixed shopping and living area in close vicinity to her other stores. It comes in a modern warehouse style of 2 stories. The store is easily accessed and everything is nicely presentated with nothing much distracting from the fashion. Shopping here always gives you the feeling of comfort.

I had the chance to have a chat with Penelope and I was happy that she could answer a few of my questions:

„Penelope, thanks for being available for a short interview. Lets start right away. How long are you already in business with KRAFT?“

Penelope Craft: „Approximately 10 years, but the store was created 14 years ago.“

„Wow, thats a long time already. What did you do before? Did you start right away with KRAFT?“

Penelope Kraft: „I made personalized clothes to order, then I received the proposal to create texture for baby clothes and apply animations to baby furniture along with the store and the Bebê Bumbum Maternity.“

„What about RL if I might ask? Do you have connections to fashion in RL too?“

Penelope Kraft: „At RL I work as a graphic designer focused on digital marketing and as a computer teacher mainly for Windows, Office Package, Web Design and Corel Draw/Photoshop modules.“

„Okay, back to SL and your passion for fashion. What is in your opinion the hardest part in creating clothes for so many different bodies?“

Penelope Kraft: „At first my focus was on clothing textures for the bodies of Aesthetic, but recently I have been investing in mesh for other male bodies. I don’t feel any difference, because at the moment I work with textures. But I am studying to create knitted clothes in the future, because my difficulty at the moment is to find fullperms that follow the fashion trends.“

So where do you get your inspirations from?“

Penelope Kraft: „My inspiration come from research on recent fashions and as I mentioned in the answer to the previous question, I have limitations, as I do not find innovative fullperms for applying textures that accompany fashion.“

„What kind of tools are you using for designing?“

Penelope Kraft: „The programs I use are Corel Draw, Photoshop and Fireworks.“

„Can you tell roughly how often do you create new designs? And how long does it take from the first idea until they are ready?“

Penelope Kraft: „I don’t have a set time for creation, because the store is a therapy for me in SL and what makes me access the game. However, when I’m inspired, it takes me approximately one to two days to make and import it to the store.“

„Since you also create clothes for Women, let me ask is there a significant difference between males and females shopping behaviour?“

Penelope Kraft: „I create textures for women’s clothing, but with a pregnant theme, but as there are not many creators of knitwear for pregnant women, the pace of creation has slowed. But I have new plans directed at women, because the greater purchase frequency comes from them. Most of the time, women buy clothes to give gifts to their partners and friends.“

„Finally one last question. Can you tell us about your nicest experience you had with customers of your clothes?“

Penelope Kraft: „My most pleasant experience was with customers who ordered personalized clothes, whether for soccer teams, event clothes, military, tattoos, romantics, since from ordering to the final art it is possible to feel the emotion of surprise and gratification for feeling customer served.“

„Yes, I can believe that. Thank you so much for your time answering my questions, Penelope. I wish you all the best and much of success with your newest plans.“

(Model wears Blue Plaid Print Satin Blouse)

(Model wears Hoodie & Pants Japanese)

(Model wears Red Plaid Print Sation Blouse)

(Model wears Hoodie & Pants Game)

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