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This is the first part of an unregular series showcasing and introducing SL Designers and their creation. I was very excited about this idea and honestly I am proud that I am starting this with A&D Clothing, whos Owner Oddity3D also spent some time answering a few questions of mine.

(Model wearing from A&D Clothing: Blazer Alonzo, Pant Simon, Glasses Lennon)

A&D Clothing is designing fashion mainly for Male Avatars, at the moment of writing this article they support Signature Gianni, Signature Geralt, Slink, Belleza Jake, Legacy and ExMachina Evolve. Older designs are also available for Adam, TMP (might fit Classic Meshbody) and ExMachina Davide.

(Model wearing from A&D Clothing: Jacket Remington)

The store itself is built in a warehouse style, classy, elegant and very clearly sorted without any clutter. Arriving at the landing point, you will find a teleport if you want to go to a certain department. Also if walking through the store, every department is easily to be found. The clothes are sorted by category and neatly presentated. The whole environment gives you a pleasant feeling of comfort, ease and stress-free shopping.

(Model wearing from A&D Clothing: Blazer Everet)

A broad range of clothes can be discovered, one might find everything needed to fully dress the avatar. And the portfolio caters different styles. From classic, over casual, streetwear, fashionista, rugged man, playboy to elegant. You will find full outfits, suits, pants, shirts, shoes, blazer, coats, glasses and so on. There is something for almost everyone.

I met up with Oddity3D, the owner and designer of A&D Clothing and he was available for an interview.

„Hello Oddity, thank you for taking your time. It does mean a lot to me. First let my readers know, how long you are in business already with A&D Clothing?“

Oddity3D: „That’s not an easy question… A&D Clothing was worn in my mind in 2013. The main reason to built a new brand was to create my designs 100% mesh and done 100% by myself. So, I spent several months studying 3D softwares like Max, Blender, ZBrush and so on. Then I focused in creating a basic line of clothes. And finally I did my first sale on November 2014.“

„Thats quite some time already. What did you do before that? Did you design before?“

Oddity3D: „Yes. On 2009 I created iNEDIT. A fashion brand focused in clothes for men and women where leather was the king and all my designs were dare. A biker look (always with a touch of style).“

„Interesting indeed. So, how did you came up with the name for A&D Clothing? What does it stand for?“

Oddity3D: „A&D is the acronym of Antoni & Daniel. My RL name is Daniel and Antoni is my RL brother. He was in business with me at the early beginning.“

„In RL, do you do also something connected with fashion?“

Oddity3D: „SL is my RL job, so, I’m focused 100% on A&D Clothing.“

Do you fit or rig clothes for different bodies?“

Oddity 3D: „Sure, I rig my clothes to the different bodymeshes according their „Master Rigging Blender“ file. Actually my workflow contemplates Gianni, Geralt, Slink, Jake, Legacy and Evolve. Obviously, I try to fit my designs to the most well-known and best selling bodymeshes.“

„That must mean quite some design work. What in your opinion is the hardest part in creating clothes for the different bodies?“

Oddity3D: „The rigging process (joining the apparel to the avatar bones)… there are too many bodymeshes and it means I must adjust my 3D designs for each of them as well as do their own rigging. Rigging is a tedious task that I don’t enjoy.“

„Well, that really sounds troublesome changing your design for all bodymeshes. Is there something you wish for, that can make your work easier?“

Oddity3D: „Sure… all the designers use an Add-On for Blender, named Avastar, that is a great help when rigging. I would like all bodymeshes owners to use Avastar’s default rigging.“

„Do you got an insight, for which body you sell the most clothes?“

Oddity3D: „No.. that’s an info I’m always looking for. I have a feeling, a certain idea, because I like to be in direct touch with my customers and I use to ask what bodymesh they use.“

„In all these years of designing fashion in SL, can you tell me the biggest mistake you have ever done?“

Oddity3D: „When mesh appeared (more or less in 2011) I didn’t trust in it and I continued using sculpteds and I didn’t move to mesh tech. When I saw my mistake it was almost too late. I could be one of the first using mesh tech but I wasted that opportunity. Now, being up to date and studying all new techs is always included in my daily work.“

„On to something different. May I ask your personal favorite clothing Style?“

Oddity3D: „I like casual look with a touch of style… that’s how I use to dress in RL :-)“

„And your customers? Upon analyzing your sales, what are they looking for the most?“

Oddity3D: „Upperbody, pants, suits and the footwear. In that order. … but certainly customers like a good design with a good and elaborated work. This means that sometimes a great pants or shoes can become a top sales.“

„Talking of top sales. What is your bestselling item? Is there one piece of design selling over the top?“

Oddity3D: „Recently I created a ripped jeans named ‚Jerry‘ that has become the first in sales. Then I have ‚Salvatore‘, a combo of shirt and vest. Also my suit ‚Kent‘ is always on top.  But fortunately all my designs use to sell well. Time to time I do a mistake and I create a design that doesn’t liked from customers. Then I remove it immediately from my store… no matter how long it took me to create it.“

„Creating fashion, where do you get your inspiration for your designs?“

Oddity3D: „There are 3 ways. Some times I wake up with an idea in my head. Other times I see something in RL that inspires me a to new design. And finally, market trends guide and force me to design particular clothes.“

„How often do you create a new design and how long does it take from planning to being sales ready?“

Oddity3D: „I use to create 1 or 2 designs monthly and each design take me, aprox. 10 days or more.“

„And do you also do updates of your older work, perhaps fitting it to newer bodies?“

Oddity3D: „No, and it’s my fault. It’s a pending task to update my top sellers to the newest bodymeshes… in fact, I want to create new releases (new meshes improving folds and wrinkles and news and better textures).

„Thank you so much for your time and answers. Its appreciated alot. I can see, it is definitely hard work designing clothes and I can feel your passion for it. I wish you continuing success and always a good hand in creating fashion your customers long for. And for sure, especially nowadays, lots of health.“

(Model wearing from A&D Clothing: Trenchcoat Revolted)

(Model wearing from A&D Clothing: Suit Kent)

(Model in front wearing from A&D Clothing: T-Shirt Matt, Pants Lemand, model in back: Sweatshirt Deacon)

(Model wearing from A&D Clothing: Blazer Easton)

(Model wearing from A&D Clothing: Jacket Ariel)

(Model on left wearing from A&D Clothing: Shirt Jacob, model on right wearing: Suit Carter)

Bodies of the models are Legacy, Meshbody Classic, Signature Gianni & Exmachine Evolve. Heads from GA.EG, Lelutka and Logo. Hairstyles from no.match, Sintiklia and Exile. Any other clothes not descripted underneath the photos are not from A&D Design, also any visible accessoires.

A big thanks to A&D Clothing, Oddity3D and his staff.

Look forward for a new part of this series, next time featuring another designer. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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