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Body Appearance

The body itself has a very nice look. Its not overtoned with muscle like some other bodies around. Together with the included head it can be adjusted in shape very nicely. Using a 3rd party head can prove a bit difficult, especially working with the neck fader takes some time to get a satisfying result. Also the upper leg part can prove to be difficult, as it easily look out of shape and overly thick when viewing it from the sides.

Nice to watch gimmick is the physics for the butt. Its shaking and wobbling a bit upon moving around. The hand and feet are nicely done and detailed. There is a little flaw though, which can be seen when zooming in very closely at certain angles: you can spot small tiny lines like stitches. But other than that its very well designed.

The Hud

The body hud is very intuitive, well-thought designed and regarding the alpha layers very responsive. Optical its not something you would say „Wow, thats a beauty“ but the ease of usage makes more than good for it.

Sometimes the hud seems to lose connection to the body but mostly a restart of the hud fixes this problem.

Availability of Clothing

The biggest downside on this body is that there is only a few designers creating clothes rigged for the Evolve. But if you find one, they mostly fit so well that you dont need any alpha. Seldom on certain movement skin is to be seen popping out of the clothes. If Alpha is needed the hud shows its full power. Even the smallest parts of the body can be done invisible and the Alpha preset can be saved.

Content of Package

Included in the package is the body, the head, a shape and body tones with neck fader, huds for the body, the eyes and the tearduct, some base clothes and a hair base.

My Verdict

The pro of this body is the overall appearance and the price considering also that it comes with a head. The head itself looks actually very nice but is missing the livelyness by a variety of animations.

The con is mostly the lack of clothing designers and its limiting your clothing style very much if you dont like to play around with Alpha. Also working on shaping, especially with 3rd party head and the legs part can prove to be a pain in the arse.

But try on the demo and over all its hard not to fall in love with this body. See by yourself.

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