Don’t forget about us Men, Catwa ;)

Well, the past 48 hours me and my partner have been busy trying to fetch a full HD Pro Head by Catwa. Same as about half of the population of SL.

At first on Marketplace, and once it totally broke down, on one of the 4 extra sims just created for this L$1 giveaway of a full feautured head of the newest generation.

And its amazing. I havent seen a free head before offering this quality and full options. Wonderful, thank you, Catwa, its a outstanding gift for the SL community. I know, its also a big marketing machine behind that, at first by dragging away customers from other head designers, at second now a bunch of people will spend lots of money on skins and everything else related to this head.

But why again Men are left in the cold? There is also a big customer base using male avatars, but as usual the give away is just for women. Yes, there have been free high quality male heads in the past, from Akeruka, from Genus, from Logo for example. Bust most of them either scaled down in functionality, or in the case of Genus it appeared so feminine that it was almost impossible to alter into something useable. And compared to female heads giveaways for males happen more seldom. My inventory is filled with 3x more female heads than male ones.

So, please, Catwa, and other designers, dont forget about us Men in the future 😉

On a side note: Catwa got also a big variety of male heads in their portfolio.

By the way, updates on the different sections of my blog are pending, since my main job is keeping me busy nowadays. But dont worry, new content will come.

Also I suggest to pay a visit to the Top 60 Second Life Blogs, lots of interesting content listed on one site.

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