Before and after release of The Shopping Hud a major task of mine was to contact designers. Evaluating if they are interested to join the Hud from the beginning on, under special startup conditions. It ended up in being desperately disillusioned by SL’s functionality in the ways of communicating.

As you might imagine, maybe only a handful of designers have been online at that time I was contacting them. That I was aware of. So, knowing that IM’s for many of them getting capped, I did set up notecards explaining why I did contact them. So far, so good. A notecard should work I thought, a majority of designers even state in their profile to better send notecards.

The first days I havent counted, how much replies I got on the notecards. It has been a few, I just thought by myself: „Well, there is no interest“ or „They busy with preparing something for a deadline and got no time to answer.“ I didnt expect, that the truth was something worse.

The week after release of The Shopping Hud, I decided to contact some of those whom I sent a notecard and no reply at all. Just wanted to evaluate what they thought about the idea/project. As before, I used notecards again. So I went through my database and started to send. It appeared, that this time, some of those who havent been online when I was sending the first time, now were online. And it appeared also that some of those immediately replied.

The replies have been like that: „Hey, I think you sent the wrong person“. Or „What are you talking of“? And „What is this hud all about“?

I got puzzled, I did reply myself and in the following communication I actually found out, that they havent received my notecard I did sent while they have been offline. On the first cases experiencing this I assumed the recipient might have just clicked away the notecard without reading it. But the more people replied to me, the more I got suspicious. A majority of notecards I did sent out, while the recipient wasnt online, did not go through. They vanished. Gone to the abyss.

Then I got 2 replies telling me they answered me already before also by sending me a notecard while I was offline. And although I turned on my email forwarding, I am more than sure, I am certain, I myself didnt receive them and I havent got a notification.

I know SL got it flaws, I know from the groups communications that they are broken. I know that messages are capped. But I wasnt aware that sending notecards proved also been broken. Linden Labs, do something about it!!! How can people communicate, if you dont know they being offline before you start communication? How can it happen, that you still cant communicate offline, even not by Notecards, because they dont get through? How can it be, that the delivery system is that bad? Is literally not working? Or have I been blacklisted because of sending too many notecards to too many different people? This is ridiculous.

At the end of the day, I did use a online scanner to get hold of at least a few and started to contact those who have been online. Here I got replies, and even if there was not interest shown in participating within the hud, there have been nice and friendly talks. Before I did that, I was sending out at least 300 notecards to different people and when I recap, those who answered to a notecard sent being offline, I can count on one hand. Those who received while being online, a majority replied even if not interested at least with a „Thank you.“ or „For now its nothing for us.“ or something.

I wonder how many of my more than 300 Notecards have been landing in the big black hole. Sorry, if this sounds like ranting but I needed to write about my experience. The next time you got a problem with a product you purchased and did contact the designer about it via notecard, and you never get a reply, keep in mind it could have been because the notecard just did vanish, never existed for the recipient. Its not always ignorance, its also the delivery system by itself.

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