Its all about clothes for your avatar. Underwear, Pants, Shirts, Coats, Shoes, Tuxedos. In short everything you are looking for that suits your style. You can also choose the body you want to get outfitted and see which designers have clothes for that certain body fitted.

Always make sure you check the description. If a designer listed here, means he got clothes fitted for that specific body. It doesnt mean that ALL his clothes are. Also always make sure you get a demo of the outfit. Depending on your individual shape, sometimes the fitting is not perfect.

Signature GianniSignature GeraltMeshbody Legacy
Meshbody AthleticMeshbody ClassicBelleza Jake
Invictus HeraclesAbsolute Creations AdamNiramyth Aesthetic
NX-Nardcotics DavidSlink PhysiqueAltamura
ExMachinaBack to OverviewRebirth Eden

Clothing for NX-Nardcotics David
Devils Playground
Resun Fashion
MCP Fashion Store
Tori's Stylez
Gas Clothing