Here you will find all kind of Add-Ons to make your Second Life Male Appearance more real, more individual, more exciting, more yourself.

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The first listing is all about Ears and Eyes if you are looking for beautifying these parts of your body. Please also have a look at the head designers, some of them selling also add-ons like eyes and ears for their head.

4761 InkIn-World Store
AituiIn-World Store
Alphotic GloomIn-World Store
AndoreIn-World Store
AvarosaIn-World Store
Avi-GlamIn-World Store
AzdesignIn-World Store
Banana BansheeIn-World Store
catmonsterIn-World Store
EagleluxIn-World Store
fuoeyIn-World Store
GA.EGIn-World Store
GloomIn-World Store
Go & SeeIn-World Store
HissIn-World Store
IKONIn-World Store
LotusIn-World Store
Madame NoireIn-World Store
MichanIn-World Store
No RushIn-World Store
PumecIn-World Store
SwallowIn-World Store
The SkinneryIn-World Store
The White CrowIn-World Store
VladdyIn-World Store
WhitecityIn-World Store
YoshiIn-World Store

Need some flex muscles? Or change the look of your chest with different nipples? Here you will find everything else bodypart related not covered by the other topics.

DesignerIn-World Store
BirthIn-World Store
NexusIn-World Store
VAWIn-World Store

Being tired of your avatar looking as Barbie’s Ken? Here a list of all In-World-available male private parts.

DesignerNameAnimeshCost in L$
VAWXTC Cock995
VAWXTC Cock Animeshx1350
ASAThe Px1980
NexusMy 1st Cock475
NexusNexus Bento1500
iNAHNAHBento Cock999
SensationsHuman Cock1500
Sinful NeedsOsiris1875
BirthMr. Smooth1025
XCiteThe Falcon1000d
XCiteThe Scimitar1000
XCiteThe Crusader1000
XCiteThe Cavalier1000
RoyalThe Masterx1899
RoyalThe Bossx1899
SKNKGlaidys 1499