(this is a review of the Demo Version, full version could be different)


Body Appearance

Directly out of the box a very appealing and amazing look. The whole body catches you from the first view, its like being enchanted by it. I finally understand why it got so popular. The right proportions, muscles toned where it should be, when playing with the shape you cant do much wrong, it looks good no matter how extreme you go with the sliders. Well, dont overdo it though.

Also the body details, the hands, the feet are a a eyecatcher. Definitely one of the finest bodies you can get.

The Hud

Also looking at the hud you will see you havent done much wrong if you purchased this body. Its, how to put it, a egg-laying woolly milk sow. Packed with all options you need, very easy to use, intuitive from the first moment on, re. It could appear a little bit more modern but it has already a exclusive touch. One of the best huds included with a body.

Availability of Clothing

The Belleza Jake is actually at the moment I am writing this together with Gianni from Signature the most popular body around. Out of this reason, almost all of the major designers and many others are creating clothes rigged or fitted for Jake. You will be able to get whatever you want. This is one of the big advantages of the body.

Content of Package

Keep in mind, this is a demo version. Full content could be different. Here it includes: the body with 2 different shapes, the hud and a mesh body alpha.

My Verdict

Wonderful piece of work. I am tempted to add it to my body garage. And if I wouldnt own Gianni and Legacy already, I would also go for Belleza Jake. By purchasing this body you do everything right, also pointing out it got a lower price than the other major contenders.

Enchant yourself and get a demo.

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