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Being a male avatar in Second Life compared to RL bears a few advantages also in the matter of facial hair. There is no need to shave every day, the available heads on the market are not yet that advanced that any beard will grow by itself.

But, if you want facial hair in any style, you have to let it grow by applying, attaching or being „painted“. There are quite a lot of options you can wear your beard in style.

At first in many huds of the available heads you will find a beard, switchable and sometimes changeable, as part of the skin either applied or in BOM.

Second, also many purchasable head skins got the option of facial hair inside. But if you really want it to be grown, then you wont be able to avoid mesh beards. And they will give you the original look.

Unless you dont want to use BOM (which mostly looks like its drawn on your face, so please always check out if thats something for you) you have to look out for specific mesh beards for your head, use Omega applier, or look out for unrigged versions you can try to fit to your face without changing your very own chosen head shape.

The same with clothes for meshbodies, Beard designers are mostly rigging their beards for a specific head model. And usually they specialize on Lelutka or Catwa or both.

Lelutka and Catwa are the heads you need, if you want to spare yourself of trouble when it comes to applying or adding something to your head, let it be skins, hairbases, hairstyles even and also facial hear, especially mesh beards.

If you dont wear Lelutka or Catwa on your shoulders, well there is mostly the chance of using Omega appliers for those heads supporting this option. Also have a look for unrigged beards.

And be advised: Here it is almost more important than on any other bodypart, that you try the demos before purchasing. Dont tell me, I havent warned you 😉

By the way, facial hair can be purchased at several places: at hair designers, at tattoo stores, at skin designer but there are also some designers specializing on beards having a bigger choice available. On marketplace you also find quite a lot. But as you might have noticed until now, I am an In-World-person. I dont usually use marketplace for shopping anything that has to do with my avatar’s look. So on this webpage directory you will find only links to In-World Stores.

Speaking of that, I did update the facial hair directory. Also, on request, I have built in a quick overview for which head the beards are available and also if other heads Omega appliers and/or BOM can be found.

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