Note: This body is ONE of several different gift bodies at Altamura. The following text and pictures only apply to the ROBERT FREE BENTO GIFT.

Body Appearance

Hmmmmmm, how to say? Its Mesh, its Bento, the delivered shape is okay, the body looks normal proportioned.

Its a free gift, so dont expect too much. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Pay attention: the body is not Omega compatible.

Oh, by the way. Its a full body, so it does come with a head. Maybe there is a way to put a 3rd party head, I dont know and havent tried. But seriously I dont think so. So I did take a picture of the head too, the way how it comes out of the box.

The Hud

The main purpose for the hud is just to control the Alpha, making body parts visible or unvisible. That it makes well. Other than that, see above, never look a gift horse……..

Availability of Clothing

Okay, there is clothes that will fit that body. But you have to look around, work lots with the Alpha and use demos before you purchase anything.

Content of Package

Included in the package is the full body, a shape, huds for the body, huds for facial ao and facial pose, a face animation pack, a hands ao hud.

My Verdict

The pro of this body is certainly, that it is a gift. And I dont want to repeat myself, but……never look a gift horse in the mouth 😉

It can be used for whatever purpose and does its job as it needed to be done. I am sure with lots of efforts it can be pimped up a bit. But if you want to let your avi look really good and admirable and real, I dont think this body should be chosen.

Its free, you cant do anything wrong. Just get it and try for yourself.

Body Name:
Robert Free Bento Gift
Year published:
it's a Gift
Availability of Clothes:
Hud Appearance:
Hud Options:
Hud Haptic:
Personal Opinion:
it's a Gift
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