(this is a review of the Demo Version, full version could be different)

Please note also, that there are other Full Body designs than Robert on display. This Review ONLY applies to the Demo version of Robert Full Body.


Body Appearance

My first thought was: „Oh, wow“. This is one of the seldom occasions I see a body out of the box with a well proportioned shape, the designer really had an idea about it which doesnt involve any anabolic steroid dreams. Well done.

Other than that the body is lacking the high details, but its hard to notice. For the price (keep in mind its a full body, so it includes a head) the look is suprisingly good.

Thumbs up.

Just for the records, I also post a picture from the head. Also directly out of the box, nothing added to it.

The head doesnt look as nice as stand-alone heads but it fits well to the body and with the right hair and skin it might be possible to have a more decent look.

The head comes with a hud presenting lots of options to adjust the settings and animations.

The Hud

The hud design is not very well thought through. Also its lacking the intuitive user experience. Many times you will find yourself puzzled about what function a certain item serves.

It seems it got all the options one needs but keep in mind, this is the demo version and the original hud might be different.

One more thing, the hud itself is not very responsive. When switching to a different menu, there is always a short delay.

In my opinion, this hud deserves an overhaul. Its a big minus on this body and damages the good impression from the body itself. Again, the full version hud might be different, so dont nail me on it.

Availability of Clothing

Another problem is the lack of a wide variety of designers creating clothes for this body. You will find a few fitting, but the choice is limited. And there again it will be time to play around with the alpha settings.

Content of Package

Remember, this is a demo version. Full content could be different. Here it includes: the full body, a body hud, a face hud, a eyebrows shape, a shape, a variety of alpha layers, a nails hud and a hand poses hud.

My Verdict

The look of the body is very decent which really got me surprised. In my very individual opinion the hud is kind of a mess which got me suprised too. Its nothing you want to play with. For the price, as its a fullbody with a fully functional head, ist okay.

Take a demo and see for yourself. If you can be friend with the hud, this body might be a good choice if you are looking for a full one.

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Robert Full Body
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