(this is a review of the Demo Version, full version could be different)


Body Appearance

Same as with the Altamura full body I reviewed lately I am surprised. Somehow the Altamura designers know how to create a male body with natural tones. The initial shape already gives you an idea how to adjust it without looking like a steroid addict.

Details of hand and feet are ok. Hands are nicer though as the feet look kind of bulky zooming in on them. But its definitely a body you can display naked without problems.

The Hud

I guess me and Altamura huds wont be friends at all. No matter how they design it, I dont feel at home using them. As usual many things/options needed are inside, this hud is quite responsive and does what it needs to do. But also here its the intuitive usage, at times you always get puzzled what is this certain button for. The alpha section by the way is very detailed, which is a plus again.

Availability of Clothing

But also here problem is the lack of a wide variety of designers creating clothes for this body. You will find a few fitting, but the choice is limited. Playing around with the alpha for hiding body parts is mandatory.

Content of Package

Remember, this is a demo version. Full content could be different. Here it includes: a bom omega applier, a shape, alpha, 2 skins, a few base clothes, the body hud and a color skin conversion hud.

My Verdict

Its a nicely designed body coming with an average hud and unfortunately problems of finding fitting clothes for your wardrobe. If the wardrobe problem doesnt concern to you, its a decent body to get.

Take a demo and see for yourself.

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