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Body Appearance

At the first view, you might think: „Wow, why its sold for so less Lindens?“. It looks good and from far it can compete with the much higher priced bodies.

But if you look closer, you can see especially the hands and also the feet are not as smoothly and nicely designed. Its lacking the certain details needed for a highly appealing body.

Also in my humble opinion the arm muscles come to much overtoned and the upper leg has something on it that makes me think there is something wrong. I just dont know what. Its just a feeling I got, I cant tell.

The Hud

The hud looks very simple and comes with limited options. Its actually very easy to use because there is nothing much to use.

So actually let me say, a hud exist and the hud does the job its intended to.

Availability of Clothing

As with every not so popular body, clothing is very limited. Get demos, play around with the alpha and see what might fit.

Content of Package

Included in the package is the body with 4 different gloss settings, the hud, a few skin tones, a shape and underwear.

My Verdict

For the cost of L$250 the look is amazingly and unexpectedly good. It has it small flaws but the body is definitely not a no-go. If you are not looking for a big wardrobe and a nice looking avatar as a 2nd avi or for rp its definitely not a wrong choice.

As usual try on the demo and check out what you can do out of this body.

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2019 (Version 3)
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