(this is a review of the Demo Version, full version could be different)


Body Appearance

Not too shabby on the first view, on the second view I have to admit its not that I would say: „hmmm, its a stunner. Very appealing“.

It comes in 2 versions, slim chest and large chest. The picture is showing the slim chest version with the delivered shape out of the box.

My few words to the large chest version: well, its too large. Its in no way realistic proportions and fiddling around with the shape sliders doesnt make it much better.

The slim chest version is heading more towards my personal preference in natural look. Although the shoulder part is too prominent in my opinion. Level of details on the body is just okay.

The Hud

The hud has a simple look making it very intuitive too. Its not one of the nicest designs though but it does what the user wants to do.

It has all the options you need. Especially the alpha menu doesnt leave any wish open.

Wait, I missed one option which is actually for me very important: to switch the body to BOM. But hey, I have seen that they sell an addon in their Store turning the Adam to BOM for L$10. So I guess it wont be a problem with the full version.

Availability of Clothing

The body got a few designers creating or having created clothes for it, but it cant compete with the popular bodies around. The selection is overseeable but I am sure you can find some nice additions for your wardrobe. Other than that it means to be creative and work around with the alphas to make other clothes fit.

Content of Package

Included in the package is the body in 2 different versions, the hud, a few clothes, feet shape, one body shape and a neck tattoo. Keep in mind this is the demo version and the full version might offer more.

My Verdict

The overall look didnt catch me but its not that bad and might and will attract others with different preferences than me. This body is definitely worth a look and you should demo it and see if it would fit your expectations.

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