About male bodies in SL

Male Bodies in SL, especially for new inhabitants, may be a difficult task to find and choose. Some you’ll find easy when searching, but some not. Perhaps in the beginning you dont know much about it and make the wrong choice. I, as many others, went through this and there is always a point of disappointment.

After running around with the classic body for a while, my first purchased one was from Tellaq. A few others followed: Altamura, Slink, Gianni, TMP, Davide, Evolve, Legacy. From body to body I learned more, I found out what I expect from a body and I finally figured out how I imagine my perfect avatar and what I need to make it happen that it comes close to my imagination. Also, from body to body, I wished more and more there would be a comprehensive directory of all aspects you need for creating your avatar. So the idea of this webpage was born.

At the moment with my main account I have 3 bodies in use, also depending of the purpose I want to use them. Those are Signature Gianni, Exmachina Evolve and Legacy. All got nearly the same look, although its not easy to shape them in a similar way. But with those 3 I am extremely satisfied. Perhaps until there is a new body out, hitting me out of my socks.

The first part of this page is complete for now. 20 reviewed bodies plus 3 without review (couldnt find a demo for them), all of them displayed in their designers In-World Store and besides of the mentioned ones, all with available demos.

Why dont I include bodies available only on marketplace? Well, at first for me its very important to have a look at them In-World, secondly it is easier for me to keep an eye out for updates, changes and if one vanishes from the market.

Why some are demos, others not? Easy answer. I am not sponsored in any way, so the bodies I dont own by myself, I needed to grab a demo. But demo or not, it didnt affect my reviews and personal opinions stated.

Next task will be short reviews and photos of the available heads. And inbetween completing the lists in the other parts of the website. So, it will stay exciting. Keep coming back whenever you need to create your avatar, or also inbetween. Perhaps you will find something you didnt know before.

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